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    There’s not much more than I love waking up the mountains, and sometimes the deserts.

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    Goin’ 5 years strong on this whole friendship thing. What would I do without him? (at Two Harbors, Minnesota)

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    Trips down to Denali are always fun


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    || bibliophilia ||

    Blind date with a book? Yes please. #whoneedsaguyanyway

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    ॐ❂☮ nature//god//peace

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    Five Fascinating Beaches Around the World

    Glass Beach - Fort Bragg, California

    Fort Bragg residents used to throw their garbage (including glass bottles) over a cliff onto the beach before it was outlawed in 1967. Over the decades the waves and sand have broken down the glass into smooth, rounded pieces.
    (Photo: mlhradio/Flickr)

    Jokulsarlon Lake - Iceland

    The glacial lake is located in the Vatnajokull National Park, and the shore is filled with huge pieces of ice resting on black volcanic sand. But what really makes this beach unique is that during the winter, it is the perfect place to see the breathtaking northern lights.
    (Photo: Ingo Meironke/Flickr)

    Bowling Ball Beach - Schooner Gulch, California

    The rocks at the Schooner Gulch State Beach are almost perfectly round due to a natural process called concretion.
    (Photo: John K/Flickr)

    Shell Beach - Shark Bay, Australia

    This beach is home to billions of coquina bivalve shells instead of fine grains of sand. The water has a high salt concentration that attracts the shelled creatures.
    (Photo: Stefan L/Flickr)

    Maldives Beach - Republic of the Maldives

    This beach in the Maldives lights up at night, thanks to microscopic organisms called bioluminescent phytoplankton. The organisms respond to changes in the water. Any movement will leave an impressive trail of bluish lights.
    (Photo: Exilism/Flickr)


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    One last visit before the road is shut down for 2014.

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    El Capitan, California
    Mihai P

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